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D Series Mixed Flow Duct Ventilator

Series D
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D series Mixed Flow Fan have the advantages of low noise, large air flow and high static pressure, this design is more suitable for most of the ventilation situations comparing with axial fan and centrifugal fan. Moreover, the motor and impeller are located at the center of the structure which means you can easily install, remove or maintain them without adjusting the pipeline even in sealed space. Also, it can be installed randomly in any sides of the pipeline, with any angle of the pipeline. Furthermore, this product can be installed with seires connection if you need more pressure.

Product Features

*Full ABS plastic body, light weight but with enough strength, double insulation

*Mixed flow impeller design, high pressure and large air flow, high efficient, low noise.

*Special snap joints desigh, easy installation, perfect seal conditions, easy maintenance

*Can be wisely used in ventilating meeting meeting room, office, public space, hotel and residence.

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