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Primary school gifted industrial fan

Issuing time:2019-01-23 16:09

An industrial-grade ceiling fan gifted by during the donation ceremony on Wednesday at Guantian Elementary Schools student activities center in Tainan.

Guantian Elementary School in Tainan on Wednesday received an industrial-grade ceiling fan for its student activities center.

The fan was donated by a tech company..

With a diameter of 7.3m, the fan is large enough to cool the space of more than 300 ping (992m2) on its own, school officials said at a ceremony to mark the donation.

The fan, provides ventilation, reduces heat and conserves energy, they said.

It can help the school lower its electricity bill and make the space more comfortable for students to learn and exercise in, they added.

Although the center is equipped with air conditioners, due to high energy costs, they are only used when absolutely necessary, the officials said.

The school long relied on small electric fans positioned in the corners of the center to cool the space, they said.

The ceiling fan would improve the learning environment, school principal Wang Chuan-hsing (王全興) said, calling it the best gift the school could have received before the Lunar New Year.

The fan is highly energy-efficient, only consuming about NT$20 per day in electricity, Lee said, adding that most buyers are factories or farmers.

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