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Issuing time:2018-05-10 09:08
1, Absorb normal  outdoor oxygen content, and eliminate low-oxygen content air.
2, Filter absorbed model particle in intermediate-acting, efficient absorbed small particle in efficiency.
3, Exchange the heat and cold from air and keep suitable warm temperature indoor with saving energy.
Generally speaking: new air system  is when close window, indoor air can be exchanged  so filtering PM2.5 is not the main function of new axial exhaust fan. But the point is that now the air quality is not good so it use more precise filter.
Choose new air system  or  air purification
Many people are indecisive to buy which one is better. Let me tell some points.
Air purification:  discharge exhaust gas and then purify itself and then spit new fresh air.
New air system: discharge exhaust gas and bring into new air to solve the problem that we worry about opening windows when it is smog.
We are not discussing that air purification is not good, but we are telling that both are have their advantage and application. Considering which one is better to yourself depend on your personal needs. What is more, you can use both.

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Popula Group Company Limited, was founded in 1996, which covers an area of 115,000 m2. Having 80,000 m2 of standard workshops & office building and more than 1,000 workers, Under Popula Group,There are three brands: Popula/AMX/Keye, and the Main products are : Air cooler,Fresh Air System(Ventilation fan/HRV),Industrial fan and Electric motor.

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