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Owing to new air system need lay duct before installation, we would take it into consideration of the ceiling design at first.

Installation tips.

1, First one, we need confirm where to install the main machine because it can not be placed on main residential area. Many air purifier manufacturer people would like to place it on kitchen, bathroom, balcony etc. But the kitchen would have oil and gas, bathroom would have humidity problems, so I would recommend balcony.

2, Place the sending windows and recycling window in diagonal  line. It is good for air flow.

3, New air duct can not be too long because it would lead to air pressure insufficiency.

Outdoor air outlet and the fresh air port at least have 1meter distance.

For other complex installation design, we need not understand it once we hand in work to management.

Simple construct  and suitable family  positive pressure.

Positive pressure enable efficiently send filtered air into indoor. But it does not have heat-exchange function with losing temperature.

It can be easily installed with occupying  small space so it is suitable to small family.

Complex indoor layout and model area.

For most of family, expect for some high and low ceiling old buildings, we would to like to recommend dual-direction new air fresh machine. It can keep balance of filter, heat saving and indoor purification efficiency. That is the most advantage and scientific new air system.

Decorated family wall-mounted.

Most of new air system should lay the duct into ceiling. So the better for decorated family would choose wall-mounted new air machine. And generally, please choose one kinds of reliable brand new air system, you won’t not worry about the air flow short circuit these kinds of small problems.

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