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How to Keep the Air Filters in Your Home from Costing You Money

Issuing time:2019-01-24 16:04

Air filters are an essential, but usually undervalued, part of any home and often keep the residents inside safe. The tools are often placed in a system and forgotten about until it comes time to replace them. You know when it becomes time to replace your air filters by usually guessing when they become dirty or by smelling it in the air.

When an air filter is getting old, it causes the air inside of a home to start drying out and stagnating. You might also see an increase in particles floating inside that are bad for your
health. It is important to maintain your air filters and relatively easy to make sure the air coming in stays clean.

Air Filter Design

The air filters you buy have the simple and straightforward purpose of cleaning up incoming airflow as it enters the system. The way it works is that air filters are made of a tight mesh weaving that is tight enough to capture airborne
particlesbut has enough space to allow fresh air flow through.

The air systems in your home have no real way of knowing if the air it brings in is clean or not. That means that your air filters are the only thing between your air systems and dirty air full of unhealthy elements. Depending on the air in the area surrounding a home, this can be a serious issue. Which is why the filters are designed to constantly be cleaning incoming airflow.

Dirty Air Filter Problems

The issue with the fact that air filters are constantly working is that this also means that they are constantly becoming dirtier over time. They become dirtier as the particles they capture start to build up over time and eventually fully cover the mesh weaving.

This is a big problem since it means that natural airflow will have a tougher time making it through the filter. You can tell what affects this has on a home over time since the air inside will dry out and become uncomfortable to breathe. The particles in a home will also stop cycling out, which is especially an issue with homes with resident smokers or pets.

There is also the issue of energy billing which starts to rise when air filters become dirty. AIr systems do not stop pumping in air just because a filter is dirty. In fact, the systems will pump air in harder in an attempt to push airflow past the filter and into the home.

This require more energy, which will soon show up as increased costs when the next electric bill comes. Avoid the issue by replacing your air filters regularly, which is more cost effective than letting your electric bill rack up over time. It actually becomes one of the easier ways help
make your home’s electric bills more manageable. Figure out a replacement schedule that works for you ands it should be simple to manage from there.

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